Anxiety and Depression Disorder, Remedies, Treatment

Getting a hold of anxiety and depression cannot be handled with drugs alone. It some cases, believe it or not, psychotherapy has mad the patient even worse off then they were before. Most mental health professionals (as well as I) believe that the best and most effective methods for coping and curing anxiety and depression is the self help methods and natural cures for anxiety. I suffered from anxiety for many years and the one thing that we have in common is that we all know that what we are feeling is irrational. The best approach to the problem is a proactive one. Even though it feels like the disease is something they is out of our control it is actually a curable disorder.

Helpful Tips for Attacking Anxiety and Depression

Millions and millions of people start to experience new signs of anxiety every year. In the same manor millions of people learn to attack and deal as well as cure there anxiety.

Here are a few ways in which people help alleviate there anxiety symptoms.

A) How to identify the triggers

1. Think back at the end of the day about what the single or multiple things may have been that set off your symptoms or nervousness.(ex. money worries)

2. Sit and think about the ways in which you may be able to fix the problem.(ex save certain amount per paycheck)

3. Talk to the people who may know of understand all the things may be going through. ( wife, friend, brother, sister)

B) Try and have the right people around you

1. Try and grow relationships that are positive

2. If you find there is a certain person that triggers the anxiety then try and diagnose the reasoning behind it. what does he or she do to create this nervousness. Then take the person aside and politely explain how you are feeling and why.

C) Put yourself in various social activities such as sports or church 1. Start writing down all the things that you find are triggering the attacks in a journal and keep track. 2. Also keep track of each success with the date and time of occurrence. 3. When you feel a panic starting to form look in your journal and read the successes you had before.

D) Nature Walks 1. Make sure you take a break every once in a while and take a nature walk. 2. Try and make regular visits to a natural spa

E) Exercise Regularly

1. Make sure to not get ahead of yourself if you have not done it before. Start slow and work yourself up.

2. If you have a friend that is willing and knows you disorder, see if he or she will join a class at the gym with you. These are just a few of the natural cures for anxiety you can use to alleviate your symptoms. I suffered for years with anxiety and panic attacks.