Beauty Tips for beautiful legs

Women’s legs are needed to be care for overall beauty and health. In order to make the legs beautiful in shape you should do exercise the exercise will develop your legs into beautiful shape. Here are best tips for your legs look beautiful and healthy:-

Exercise:- The basic step for healthier and more shapely legs is exercise like jogging and jumping. You can gain the prefect shape of your legs through continuous exercise. Moreover, This helps to achieve greater smoothness and elasticity of muscle.

Avoid Sitting for Too Long:- Sitting too long and too much salt intake will make your feet swell, If this happened with you then treat your leg as sit comfortably in a chair and elevate your legs. For a better position, lay on the bed and place your legs against the wall for ten minutes. This action allows the muscles to relax and increases blood circulation.

Treatment if you Wearing of high heel and tight shoes for a long time:- Wearing of high heel will caused the Legs feel heavier and swollen at the end of the day. When this happens, soak your feet in a basin of cold water containing salt and baking powder in the afternoon to alleviate swelling. Two handfuls of coarse salt and baking powder should be mixed in a basin filled with cold water. Immerse your feet for at least 5 minutes. After that, dry your feet thoroughly and then rub your feet using a special cream with menthol, starting from the tips of toes to the soles and ankles. The combined bicarbonate salt eliminates excessive stored liquid in your tissues that causes swelling, while the menthol in the cream is refreshing and relaxing for the feet.

Wearing of high heel for a long time will effect on your feet. 

Moisturizing Your Legs:- Use extra virgin olive oil, It will provided you vitamin E and can be overcome heel and moisturizer for dry feet. You put out your favorite oil on the water immersion foot. If your feet are beautiful you can relax. You can treat your feet with a bath of milk it can soften and moisturize your feet.

Sun Light:- If you are in a hot air, or on the beach, protect your legs from overexposure of sun by using sunscreen.

If your pain of legs and ankles not finish and remain for a long time then It is caused of serious condition or injury. You should consult your doctor.