Dental Health for Kids

Dental health for kids is imperative. Early establishment of good oral hygiene habits can last a lifetime.

Here Are some Helpful Tips…

Start Early

1. Get kids accustomed to brushing early. Brush their teeth and gums as soon as the first tooth erupts. You can use plain water and an infant-sized toothbrush or finger cap or buy specially-designed kid toothpaste.

2. Make oral hygiene habits routine. If brushing is part of morning, post-meal, and night-time rituals, these will become second nature for your child and oral hygiene won’t be a battle to enforce.

3. Brush your child’s teeth until you know they’re able to do it on their own to ensure it is done thoroughly but get them to help and get involved as well. It might be a good idea to have them brush on their own while you do your teeth so they can emulate your brushing style and after you’re done, you can proceed to “finish” for them.

Make it Fun

4. Consider purchasing an electric toothbrush for your child once they’re past the infant stage. While you can still supervise, they can do more on their own as well as be more thorough due to the brush doing most of the work.

5. If your child’s toothbrush doesn’t have a timer, purchase one for the bathroom. Two minutes is a good rule of thumb for adequate time to brush teeth.

Make It Easier

6. Purchase dental rinses to help with dental health for kids. There are rinses designed for kids to help them with germs and bacteria.

7. Consider purchasing chewable Pro Flora oral health chewable tablets which help neutralize bad bacteria in the mouth.

8. Make brushing fun by purchasing toothbrushes and toothpaste that will appeal to your child. You can match themes to their interests and this can help promote positive feelings about oral care.

Reduce the Risk of Dental Problems

9. You probably can’t eliminate sugary treats altogether but be mindful about the types of snacks your child has and the amount of time between consumption of sweet and sticky foods and brushing. The longer the time between consumption and cleaning, the more likely those foods can cause damage.

10. Start approaching dental health for kids early on; even from a baby-stage. This will help minimize fears and help you catch any problems early on. Many choose pediatric dentists whose office will be designed to promote a good attitude about oral care.