Easy Salmon Patties for Omega 3s

I am a huge fan of three-ingredient recipes. The less stuff I have to buy, chop, search for in my fridge/pantry, etc, the better. I am also a huge fan of recipes that take 20 minutes or less. Fine…this recipe has four ingredients, and took me 22 minutes…but still.  That’s not bad.

Anyway, I decided this week when I was doing my menu planning (will discuss that in a subsequent post) to try making some sort of salmon for the kids. Omega 3s baby! I wasn’t sure exactly what I was planning to make…Salmon sticks? Salmon balls? Salmon Burgers? I knew I didn’t stand a chance of serving them salmon fillets and I remembered my mother-in-law telling me she used to make “salmon croquettes” for her kids when they were little and so I asked her for her recipe.


I made the patties/croquettes/burgers this evening for hubby and me with the intention of using us as the guinea pigs. I haven’t served them to the kids yet – it’s on the menu for tomorrow night’s dinner. I have to say that these burgers were delicious…and easy!I grilled them on the BBQ instead of pan frying them in an effort to increase the healthy factor. My husband said they were delicious and tasted just like his mom’s! Score!

Stay tuned for my kids’ reaction. I am being cautiously optimistic about their reception.  I’ll fill you in tomorrow after dinner…

Here’s the recipe (or you can click this link for a printable version):  Salmon Burgers


–          Grater (Food processor or hand grater)

–          Large Mixing Bowl

–          Sharp knife

–          Can Opener

–          Grill (or pan for frying)


–          Three 7.5 ounce cans of wild pink or red salmon

–          ¾ cup (approximately) of seasoned bread crumbs*

–          2 eggs

–          1 peeled and grated potato

* For a healthier option, use whole grain bread crumbs and throw in some Italian seasoning.


–          Heat grill*

–          Combine all ingredients with (clean) hands

–          Form into flat patties**

–          Spray or brush grill with oil (I use a Misto)

–          Carefully place patties on grill using a spatula, being careful they don’t fall apart

–          Cook for 5 minutes, flip, and cook the other side for 5 minutes

* If you don’t have a grill you can pan fry them in oil, but this is a less healthy option.

** You can also form them into sticks or balls but then you’ll have to fry them.

Prep Time:   12 minutes
Bake Time:  10 minutes

               22 minutes (Total)

Serving Size:  8-9


–     Great (and inexpensive) way to get Omega 3s!

–     For the healthiest option, suggest to NOT serve this with another starch (pasta, rice, bun, etc) since the recipe contains 2 starches already (potato and breadcrumbs)

–     Ideas for variety:

o   Add onion (chopped or onion powder)

o   Add garlic (fresh minced, or powder)