Exercise and Anxiety – Fight Anxiety with Exercise

Exercise is a cure for anxiety and it is great for helping you gain control over anxiety and stress as well as a powerful ally that you can include in your fight against anxiety. Apart from all the benefits that regular exercise provides, it can also help you to significantly increase your belief and confidence in your body’s ability.

Man symptoms of panic or anxiety attack are the same as those of a good exercise workout:


Quick breathing

Increased pulse

Increased sensations

Exercise as a Cure for Anxiety

One of the best benefits of doing a good cardiovascular exercise is learning to feel comfortable with one’s body when in a state of heightened exertion. With vigorous workouts you get the chance to safely push your body to an increased state of activities which is very much like the reaction of your body when experiencing panic attacks. With exercise your body is pushed beyond the acceptable amount of exertion, and is trained to feel more comfortable with the physical sensations like rapid heartbeat and heavy breathing. By doing this you build up confidence in the ability of your body to handle demanding exertion levels.

If your body is given the opportunity o move from states of exertion to states of relaxation on a regular basis, then you’ll not feel threatened if your heart rate should increase when having panic attacks. This is so as you will have the experience and the confidence in knowing that your body can handle being in such a state as it has done often enough while you were exercising. You know that your body will soon return as it usually does, to a state of relaxation.

For a lot of persons, the primary fear factor when having panic attacks is a result of the anxiety over abnormal reactions of the body. By doing exercises, you are self-imposing stress on your body. For this reason, exercise serve as a good cure for anxiety and should therefore be an important part of your daily activities. Exercise helps to release the build up of stress, and can be a very helpful vent or exhaust for emotions which you need to release.

Your body’s requirement for good exercise in order to help build an innate confidence in its physical ability is at least a half hour of cardiovascular workouts. You may do so by swimming, running, jogging, power walking or anything that allows you to work up some sweat. When you start doing your exercises, it is best start easy and to set goals that are moderate. Select activities that are convenient and which you will enjoy and stick with.