The prostate gland is an organ that is situated at the neck of the urinary bladder. The first part of the urethra is surrounded by the gland. The urethra is the passage through which the urine passes out of the bladder for excretion. The prostate gland produces some of theContinue Reading

Stop being trapped in the Caffeinated Cycle The idea of going without a cup of coffee or caffeinated tea in the morning is out of the question to many.  But before you throw this post out I want you to ask yourself this question: Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed andContinue Reading

A close friend of mine today complimented me on how healthy my hair looks so I decided to share one of my secrets to growing my hair long. I have struggled with thin fragile hair my entire life. At age 41, I now have the thickest and longest hair IContinue Reading

Sneezing is an involuntary reflex. It occurs when the nasal passages relax themselves to remove irritants. It is also called sternutation. Why do we sneeze is a very interesting aspect and has been studied by various medical experts. There are various reasons as to why do we sneeze. Here areContinue Reading

Dental health for kids is imperative. Early establishment of good oral hygiene habits can last a lifetime. Here Are some Helpful Tips… Start Early 1. Get kids accustomed to brushing early. Brush their teeth and gums as soon as the first tooth erupts. You can use plain water and anContinue Reading

Gastoeresophageal reflux disease commonly known as GERD or acid reflux is a condition in which the gastric juice containing acid comes up from the stomach into the esophagus. There are many symptoms of acid reflux. These include heartburn. This is a burning stomach feeling rising up from the or lowerContinue Reading

Getting a hold of anxiety and depression cannot be handled with drugs alone. It some cases, believe it or not, psychotherapy has mad the patient even worse off then they were before. Most mental health professionals (as well as I) believe that the best and most effective methods for copingContinue Reading

Infertility isn’t a sexual disorder. It is more appropriately recognised as the inability to become pregnant after twelve months of attempting (or six months if a woman is 35 or older. Not being able to have a child is a heartbreaking condition that affects nine million American couples each year.Continue Reading

Exercise is a cure for anxiety and it is great for helping you gain control over anxiety and stress as well as a powerful ally that you can include in your fight against anxiety. Apart from all the benefits that regular exercise provides, it can also help you to significantlyContinue Reading

This is what you need to be informed about the different types of acne scars. Scars caused by acne are different for different people. And the way you talk about the scars depending on the type of scars you have. There are generally two types of acne scars: a) acneContinue Reading